Responsabilité sociale d’entreprise

Signal Golds’engage à entretenir des relations productives et ouvertes avec toutes ses parties prenantes, y compris ses employés, ses actionnaires, les collectivités dans lesquelles elle exploite des mines, les gouvernements, les Premières Nations et ses fournisseurs.
Through all the phases of operation, Signal Gold Inc. is committed to responsible resource development. The Company is guided by a Corporate Environmental Policy which carefully plans, monitors and minimizes the impact we have on the environment. This focused policy identifies and manages the environmental risks and develops effective mitigation strategies to protect both the environment, the community and employees.

Signal Gold Inc. ensures that every employee and contractor adheres to the Policy. In addition, the Company provides training in environmental management and encourages employees to engage in dialogue pertaining to environmental and community concerns. We are also vigilant in monitoring environmental performance and to ensure we comply with all legal requirements, and whenever possible, we apply industry best practice.

From a project’s inception until long after its closure, we strive to develop, design and operate facilities that are based on the efficient use of energy, resources and materials.

Environmental Sustainability
The LEAN and GREEN Vision Statement:

“To be an environmental leader with primary focus on proven, innovative green initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of the environment.”

Corporate Environmental Policy
The Board of Directors of Signal Gold Inc. has established a Corporate Environmental Policy that guides the action of the Company. This Environmental Policy is followed and promoted by all employees and contractors hired by the Company. It is considered to be a part of the overall Corporate Governance Policy. It is regularly monitored for compliance with appropriate reviews to ensure effective implementation. Signal Gold Inc. is fully committed to environmentally responsible development and will ensure that all phases of its projects will follow this approach to resource development.

In the context of all its projects, Signal Gold Inc. will:
  • Ensure that responsible and effective environmental management planning is carried out for all aspects of the project;
  • Monitor all activities through all phases of development of the project for environmental compliance and management programs with a commitment to follow up in a timely and effective manner;
  • Develop, design, and operate facilities that are based upon the efficient use of energy, resources, and materials;
  • Identify, assess, and manage environmental risks;
  • Develop, maintain and test emergency preparedness plans to ensure protections of the employees and the environment;
  • Require contractors and consultants to comply with corporate environmental requirements and to monitor their environmental performance;
  • Ensure there is adequate environmental training for all staff and contractors and to encourage dialogue and understanding of environmental and community concerns through all phases of the project; and
  • Ensure that closure and reclamation planning is integrated into mine feasibility planning and that there are adequate resources available to deal with closure at all phases of the project.
Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act Report
The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (“the Act”) was brought into force in Canada on 1 June 2015, and effective for financial years beginning thereafter. This Act delivers on Canada’s international commitments to contribute to global efforts to increase transparency and deter corruption in the extractive sector. The Act requires extractive entities listed on a stock exchange in Canada to publicly disclose, on an annual basis, specific payments made to all governments in Canada and abroad.

ESTMA Report Fiscal 2017